Should I buy a new graphics card?


im planning on buying a ATI 5770 for my little bro, and was wondering whether it was a good idea, he has an Athlon 64 x2 4200 cpu, and 2gig ram.

If you need more info plz ask.

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  1. but what graphics card does he have at the moment? thats the real decider imo, he may benefit more from some extra ram for Xmas instead :)
  2. poor kid has a 3450 :D,
  3. Ram would definately help out as well but if its one or T'other, get him the card for Xmas and tell him to get more ram himself :P
  4. :D, will his computer bottleneck? and if so should he care?
  5. The card is a little Overkill for that chip, but if he checks out his Mobo chip support list, he may find a chip upgrade in his future too.
    I think He'll find it a good boost from the current one
    and with the card doing more of the work, may find cpu performance inproves
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