Eyefinity flicker problem (2 monitors flicker)

The card i have is the HD 5870, Just got it a couple days ago...

Here is a video so you know kinda what im talking about...


The screen on the left is in the displayport with a VGA adapter and the center and right are wtih DVI..

Last time it did this, it was only with the left and right screens.. This time center and right

Ive always had the screen on the left with the vga cable-> DP...

It only does this with the desktop set up as different windows (First part of video).. But works perfectly when the desktop is set up as one huge screen (Last part of the video after screens go black)

Games work wether I have it set up to 5760x1080 or as 3 different desktops... (No flicker)

It flcikers when i watch 480p video all the time but when its 360p it flickers when i move the windows or scroll down.. Same with VLC and BSplayer for instance... But mostly does it only when i watch video in firefox or chrome

Flcikers none to 0 when im not watching video... But even if the video is playing in the background it flickers...

Sorry for the long flciker this flicker that... Just wanted to put everything ive seen it do..
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  1. Solved!

    It was because of Youtube hardware acceleration :/
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