3D Vision vs 120GB SSD

Hello everyone, I have my build all planned and most of it bought already. Just Cpu,mobo (waitin for SB), monitor and case left.

I'll be running a Gigabyte Gtx 470 Super Overclocked and just couldn't decide whether or not to use $500 for the monitor + Nvidia 3D bundle or to get a 120GB SSD and 24" 60Hz 1080P monitor.

main concerns with 3d:
It will be annoying wearing a headset + glasses so prob won't be using 3d online.
All games don't support it very well.
Will cut my FPS in half which means I couldn't use it on some games that prob work good with 3d.

Thanks for voting!
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  1. I have seen NVIDIA's 3D vision and to tell you the truth, it sucks ass **Sorry but that's how disappointed i was** The technology just isn't here right now. If you wear glasses then it's just a complete fail. And performance isn't good. *I do not own 3d* i simply saw a demo and it was extremely disappointing.
  2. with a good game for it? I realise some are just basically crap with it.
    because some of these "professional reviews" keep saying its the biggest thing to happen to graphics for a long time.
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