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Can someone please help me? Yesterday when i downloaded the latest drivers for my 8500 GT. When the computer restarted i got a blue screen and it restarted again. I went into safe mode and everything worked fine. I have tried everything. I disabled the graphics card and then the computer started just normal.
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  1. Blue screen from my understanding is linked to drivers of ANY kind. GPU drivers, WIn drivers etc..

    The latest drivers you installled dotn agree with other system drivers making this blue screen. Go back to a restore point before you installed these drivers and work with that.
  2. I have tried restoring my system to an earlier point several times, i did rollback the drivers. still the same. And also, on the startup when it says "Acer", there are some white dots on the letters.
  3. Did you try a full install of your drivers and then a driver sweep to clean up the leftovers and then a full reinstall of the previous driver version?
  4. Yeah i used drive sweeper and then downloaded the drivers again, still the same problem. Also, the problem started after i downloaded driver 256 from nvidia.
  5. Okay i used the drive sweeper again and installed the latest drivers. Now i get Black and White stripes for 5 seconds and then the computer restards. Any thoughts?
  6. Then use driver version (older) that work with you before...
  7. I tried it...still doesnt work.
  8. Its starting to sound like you should try reformatting and reinstalling the OS
  9. Going to try it then.
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