Bios in hp mini 311

Hello, I am trying to change the system password on my hp mini 311. Tried both <del> and <f10> during boot time and still cannot access bios to change the password. Suggestions? Thanks, _dan
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  1. If you reset the bios it should remove the password but on netbooks that might be a bit tough.

    You can try an easy way that might work before you try the difcult way which involves taking apart you netbook.

    Go to this link.

    Pick out your exact model number and update the bios this should remove any password that might have been set. If it does not let you reflash the bios because of the password then you will have to open it up and remove the CMOS battery for a minute to reset the bios. I know that some manufactures lock the bios with a master password that can only be accessed by HP this prevents users from bricking their PC and saves the manufacturer money with less returns because of user error.
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