New Build.

Hi this is what I'm planning to build and wondered if anyone had any suggestions for improvement without spending much more money.

CPU: Core i5-760 intel
MOBO: P7P55D-E PRO asus
Ram: could anyone recommend some 4GB ram for this system i don't know what to choose there are so many types.
HD: Seagate 1tb 7200rpm
Graphics: EVGA gtx 460 1gb or should i go for the HD5850?
And a good case for around $100 is still to be decided so if you can recommended any that would be great!

my budget is around $1300
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  1. Thank you i will try pricing this into where i would buy my parts from because i live in Australia. thank you
  2. Coolermaster Storm Scout, haf 912, Haf 922, Antec 300
  3. Heres 2 builds:

    First a build that offers the same performance as your original for much-less, not very upgradable though.

    Core i5 760: $210

    4GB Kingston 1333: $60

    HD5850: $215

    Antec 300: $55

    Segate 1TB: $61

    CX400: $64

    Gigabyte H55V: $84

    LG DVDRW: $30

    Windows HP x64: $121

    Total: $900

    Then a 6850 Crossfire build for a hair over $1300 that should perform quite a bit better than a single 460/5850.

    Core i5 760: $210

    2*2GB Kingston 1600: $83

    2*HD6850: $210*2=$420

    CM RC690: $97

    Segate 1TB: $61

    TX650: $121

    Asus P7P55E Pro $195:

    LG DVDRW: $30

    Windows HP x64: $121

    Total: $1338
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