Cant get 5.1 Surround sound output from 5850 Windows 7

Hi All,

This is really driving me insane..... I cant get 5.1 sound out of the HDMI output on my ASUS EAH5850. The HDMI Audio output shows up in the playback device menu (titled Sound), but only stereo is available. I have installed the latest Realtek, Realtek ATI HDMI and Catalyst drivers and I still cannot get it to work. When I go into BIOS then to on board devices there are two options for auido, HDMI and SPDIF. When changed to HDMI a new option appears in the playback devices which is HDMI high definition audio (the old option was just Ati HDMI Audio which works fine in stereo but the option to change output type is locked to stereo), and when setting that new option to default and checking the AC3, DTS passthrough check box etc and resetting it does not fix the problem, in fact I cannot even get stereo sound using this option, nothing. Even installed AC3filter and changing to 5.1 in there and setting to SPDIF (tried without SPDIF in AC3filter as well as was running through HDMI setting from BIOS and that did not get me sound either).

Now I have read A LOT of forums on this topic and a lot of people seem to be having trouble, surely there is an easy step by step guide to get this working as the 5850 is a relatively new card and their should be support for this. I basically tried every different method i can from uninstalling all drivers and starting from scratch and trying all different combinatins of the BIOS audio output and AC3filter and playback devices etc etc.

I have got 5.1 surround out of my computer using optical fiber connection so I know it's possible but the optical fiber setup does not work for surround sound for games which is what I am trying to achieve, as well as surround play back on AC3 and DTS encoded movies.

Sooooo, I was realllllly hoping that someone who has successfully done this with Windows 7 and a 5850 could help me out, maybe I am installing drivers in the wrong order but i have tried a few different ways. If anyone has a step by step guide to sort this out I would be eternally greatful, cause the bottom line is this should work.

Relevant system specs:

ASUS P6T motherboard
ASUS EAH5850 TOP model (crossfired but i dont think that should affect the solution)

My setup is a basic one, HDMI cable out of the 5850 into a Samsung LCD TV, toslink optical fibre connection out of the TV into a Samsung surround sound capable amplifier (the amplifier supports pretty much every kind of surround sound coding there is). This setup works fine for stereo through HDMI, but yeah I cannot get 5.1 to passthrough or even show up as an option on the output device.

If someone has a simple guide for this from scratch I think it would help a great lot of people out.

Thanks guys, you've been really helpful in the past and I try to help out and post solutions to stuff on here myself, but this one has got me beat and I need you now more than everrrrrrrr.

All my love

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  1. Hi guys just bumping this cause it is frustrating the hell out of me and I am really hoping someone can help me out
  2. jynks said:
    Hi guys just bumping this cause it is frustrating the hell out of me and I am really hoping someone can help me out


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