Graphics Card not detected after system rebuild

I recently took my computer apart to do some deep cleaning and change a couple of parts for upgrades (ram, case, etc) - as well as downgrade from VISTA to XP.

The problem that I am having is that after I boot up and install windows, updates etc... my video card is not being detected or showing up in dxdiag. It says nothing it attached. I've checked the connections to the MB, everything seems to be in order.

Video Card: ATI Radeon 9600 SE
MB: Abit IP35-E

Both of these have worked together for years, without much hiccup, but after I re-built the machine, I can't get the video card to show up.

I've downloaded the latest drivers from ATI, but when I install them, I get an error that says "No ATI hardware found".

I haven't tried to flash or update my BIOS because 3 days ago it was working, with this card just fine.

Anyway, I've racked my brain trying to figure out what it could be, but I'm hitting a wall. Any ideas or suggestions you guys have would be great.
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  1. Apparantly ATI had some trouble and issued a hotfix.
    If your card is an AGP type then:
  2. Thanks Mheim,

    Im downloading and installing the driver listed for XP Pro/Home. We'll see if it fixes my problem, and detects my card.


    After runing the .exe download, I got an error that said Installation Failed. I clicked ok.. then it finished installing.

    I ran dxdiag, it detected my card. I adjusted my screen resolution, worked. Everything seems to be in order. I rebooted - and got the following warning:

    "microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 is required to run ATI Catalyst Control Center. Please download and install the software from Microsoft's website."

    So i'm installing that... but I think things are going to work out. If not, i'll reply back here.

    Thanks for the super fast response.
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