What Case should i get (sub 150)

I've been looking into a lot of options recently and have narrowed it down to

Antec 902
Cooler Master 932
NZXT Phantom
Antec 900 (most likely not due to cable management issues)
And Finally, Antec 300

I would like a case that could fit SLI 560s, and not overheat when overclocking

i will most likely put in a HSF 212

standard ATX mobo btw

Thanks for reading and post a suggestion if you so choose
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  1. The Haf 932 would be my choice out of the above. The CM 690II Advanced would though be my personal choice
  2. The 932 has been replaced by the HAF-X .... I have built with both, since using the HAF-X I would not go back to a 932. The only full tower Id rather use is the DF-85, which essentially is the update for the 1200.

    Others I'd consider are mid towers, the HAF-922 and the DF-35 which replaced the 902 as Antec's flagship mid tower.
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