Help with University project.

Ok so I have been set a project to complete in four weeks and it is a pretty daunting task. I know this doesn't really fall under this section so apologies for that.

I have to design a handheld game with electronic levers, lights and sounds.

I have been provided with:
3.3” LCD TFT Display Module with Touch Screen
40 way display board cable
Stellaris LM3S811 Evaluation Kit
ATmega644P-20PU AVR Microcontroller
AVR Dragon
10 way JTAG program/debug cable
Il Matto AVR prototyping boards
Connectors and cables

And the specification is:
• Programmable processor module for executing game software;
• Video module comprising a built-in display;
• Sound module comprising a built-in speaker and/or a headphones output;
• Input module comprising innovative controls, which may include digital, analogue, touch-screen, motion, microphone and/or camera elements;
• Storage module for saving high scores and/or save games in non-volatile memory;
• Battery power module for portable operation;
• Software for one or more 1985-era games.

Any advice/help would be most appreciated especially if you have any experience in the above.
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  1. Hmm..I am not a programmer, but try the software/IT pro section. You get a lot of head-strong guys in programming.
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