My computer cant read dvd

My computer can't read some dvds loaded with photos. I'm able to access photos on mos other discs just having trouble with a handful. All dvd's were written with the same writer. Please help.
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  1. You can try cleaning and/or descratching the dvd's, reducing the read speed, or seeing if they'll read in another dvd drive
  2. Are all of the DVDs the same format? I have encountered some older DVD drives that were picking about if it was a +R or a -R disc, but most modern ones will read any variant.
  3. no not all are the same format, some dont read certain formats,

    some read - and + and some only - or +, make shur that ur dvd burner or player support,

    but honestly today the dvd players and burners should theorically read all dvd formats
  4. Download this which is very helpful i've been using it for years.
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