Can't overclock i7 well?

Hey guys,

I have an i7 930 and it doesn't want to overclock, but it's probably just me.

Every time I attempt to overclock it, it can't get past 4.2Ghz and stay stable (windows BSOD's on me constantly). Could I get some guidance on what FSB, multiplier and voltage I should be using to reach at least 4.6Ghz.

My cooler by the way is a Corsair H70 running P/P Config with two Cooler Master SickleFlow at 2000RPM.


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  1. 4.2GHz is not a bad overclock. You know why it is BSOD-ing, is it the ram, temp or other settings?
    This should work similar on LGA1366
  2. id have to know ur exact motherboard, and 4.2 isnt nothing to scuff at, also it is to be noted that certain chips overclock better than others, ull never get the same results with different cpus, even do it is physically the same,
  3. My motherboard is the EVGA X58 SLI LE. Temps are in the 40-50 range at 4.2Ghz. Do you think my chip just can't reach 4.6 like other 930's?
  4. Your temps are fine but it can be anything for example you reached the limit of your ram.
  5. G.Skill Ripjaws 1600Mhz, brought down and back up to 1600 when overclocked to 4.2

    Would the amount of RAM matter?
  6. Thanks for the help guys, I've been able to get it to 4.4Ghz Stable. I've noticed that overclocking with turbo boost is not recommended, why is that?
  7. turbo automatically clocks or down clocks depepnding on what you are doing so if you are running load it will clock it to your preferred settings. conversely, if you are idle it downclocks for power efficiency.
  8. If turbo boost is turned off does windows still downclock if the power state is set to energy efficient?
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