ATI radeon 4650 via p4m890

I bought 9500gt nvidia graphics card. Now it is not working with my motherboard. My motherboard is VIA PVM890M 1.0

I don't know what to do.
Will ATI Radeon 4650 Work on my system?

Please help me
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Can you clarify more about your problem with 9500GT? because your board has a PCI-E x16 slot;therefore a 9500GT(4650 too) should work fine on it.
  2. Hi Maziar,

    Thanks for reply.

    Yes. It should work.
    First I bought Galaxy NVIDIA 9500GT and installed in my system. It starts first time and drivers are installed by operating system(windows 7).

    But never restarts the system. If i start the system without GPU it starts fine. So i suspect the loose connection between the buses in system and reassembled the system. Now the system not restarts without GPU also.

    So, i exchange my card with XFX NVIDIA 9500 GT, then also same thing happened.

    So, Today i took my system to shop and check with card. They tried with two three ATI Graphic cards(4350,4650 and nvidia 8500gs 512) but system never starts. I think Bios will be the problem.

    Please help me.
    Thanks again!
  3. I used to have two Biostar boards with this chipset, both died after two years use. Some cards will work but only if they Do Not have Turbocache or Hypermemory and do not draw more power than the slot can provide. The power stages for the pci-e slot are weak and doubtful that it even meets pci-e power spec but I have gotten cards that use power from a 6pin or more to work without issue aside from the crappy FSB performance.

    X1900xt, 9800gt (w6pin) and a 8800gtx. Cards that I have used that didn't need power from a connector that worked. 7600gs and a 2400pro.
  4. Hi nforce4max,

    My motherboard is mercury and PSU is 450 Watts Hytech. In my graphic card there is no connector used. Only monitor cable.

  5. Wow what crap parts, this is why people should avoid buying crap and go quality. The chipset is worthless and you have no choice but to upgrade your board as it is not worth the headaches. As for the psu what a Lol its junk and it reminds me of my A-power that really sucked before I ditched it before it could fail on me.
  6. So, there is no way to make it work? Now i have ATI Raedon 4650 1 gb.

  7. Chances are no it won't work, blame it all on the chipset and getting a new board will give a nice performance boost since every thing else these days has much better memory performance instead of running 32bit single channel x.x
  8. Okay,

    I will try to change my board.

    Thanks anyway.
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