Connecting two routers?

Ok is there anyway to connect two Linksys routers? Anything special I should know in terms of setting when attempting this or will everything auto configure once I power cycle the devices. This is going to be settup to work with a Cable modem that uses dynamic ip addressing
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  1. Connect 2 routers how? Wired? Wireless?
  2. hard wired, however both have wireless built in
  3. Both routers on the same subnet or different subnets? Same SSID or different SSID's?
  4. same subnet - default settings that came with both routers + both unsecured wireless. No SSID
  5. Ok, better question. What EXACTLY are you trying to accomplish here? Diagrams, goals, what problem you're trying to solve, etc... would be very helpful.
  6. First decided which one will be the "MAIN" router, the one that is connected to the modem.

    Than I'd take the secondary router and disable DHCP and give it a different IP address or you will have conflicts as both routers come default with the same IP. So give the second one an address such as, as the MAIN router will have address

    Id then change the secondary routers SSID and wireless key to match the MAIN one so there is no in house confusion.

    Give that a whirl, should be all you need.
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