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I have a Intel P4 HT CPU in one of my spare PCs. And in another I have a Intel Core 2 Duo E8200.

They both list they are Socket 775. Can I put the Core2Duo into the older tower.

It is an Intel 8I945AE.

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  1. that motherboard doesnt support core 2 duos, and its not logical to upgrade to such a processor when current intel processors are cheap, u can get a decent cpu+mobo+ram from intel for under 300$ so its simply counter-productive and waste of funds, and second u cant put that cpu in that motherboard,
  2. Quote:
    Yes you can but it won't work. Why you wanna do that anyways?

    I have the P4 HT, which is my muck around PC and recently got a cheap but good Graphics Card for it.

    Plan is to down the track buy it a new mobo, CPU and memory for it. (hoping for around $300.)

    I use it for light game and general use at home. The reason for putting the E8200 in it is that I have the processer spare which is going to waste.

    Could I go the other way.

    The two machines are.

    1x Acer Veriton 7800, P4.

    1x IBM ThinkCentre. Could I put the motherboard from the IBM into the Veriton? Then I can still add the graphic's card but will get the better CPU.
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