Laptop won't load to OS screen.

My brother has an Asus G73JH gaming laptop that's around 6 months old. We haven't done a thing to it, it's completely factory default. Out of the blue earlier tonight, he saw a blue screen with an error message, then his laptop shut down. Unfortunately, he didn't get a chance to see what the message was.

Everytime he tries to boot up now, he sees the initial Asus loading screen, and then a black screen with a blinking white cursor in the upper left corner. After that, nada. After several minutes it fails to proceed to the OS screen.

I tried hitting f8 and a few other things, but aside from hitting alt + ctrl +del and restarting the computer, we can't do anything. Not sure if it's related, but he has had some spyware or something recently that plays ads in the background while he's doing other stuff.

Any help would be appreciated.

OS is Windows 7
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  1. Try to do a repair-install of Windows from the DVD. That is, assuming it came with a Win DVD. most systems get shipped with some recovery CDs, but if one of these CDs is the operating system, try that one. If not, you might have to do a system restore, but that will erase all the data/settings/programs that you might have installed on it, restoring to a factory-state.
    If that doesn't work, probably the HDD was a lemon. The laptop should still be in warranty, they can fix it for you. Or if you feel adventurous, you can replace the HDD yourself (and probably void the warranty with it).
    Oh, I almost forgot: you said it had some spyware/malware on it, in that case you don't want to do just a format, because some malware will reside on the HDD after that. You will need to make sure you have the system restore CDs, then (on a different PC) download and burn a bootable CD with Killdisk on it, boot the laptop from that CD and erase all data on the windows partition of the HDD. Then do the factory-restore as per manual/instructions.
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