LED Monitors, opinions?

So, my old Samsung Syncmaster 213T has got to go. It doesn't display blacks anymore, it displays them more as... a deep magenta? It's a shame, but considering I pulled this thing out of an office building's garbage in 2004, not a bad run!

Anyways, I need a new monitor. I have an EVGA GTX460 with DVI and HDMI outputs.

I have been looking at the ASUS MS238H monitor, with LED backlight, HDMI input, 1080P resolution, and a pretty nice form factor. Opinions for, or against?

My system will be used mainly for gaming and Solidworks/CAD.
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  1. I would stick to Dell for the monitor. Dell ST2410.
  2. depends on your budget. You can find LED's now for $150-$200 for up to 23 or 24 inches, and compared to a TN screen with a standard backlight it performs on par at least, and contrast ration should be higher (especially dynamic, if you care for it). I don't honestly know if there is any difference once you move higher in price and are using IPS panels.

    Also, the LED's will only use like 20 or 30 watts, if that matters to you
  3. LED's give blacks that are almost on par with Plasma's, and draw a LOT less power to boot. On the downside, screens that use LED's exclusivly are hard to come by, as most use LEDS in selected zones of the panel, or along the edge.
  4. Currently all consumer level LCD monitors that I know of that uses LED backlight are edge lit. I know none which have a full backlight array.

    Blacks levels are pretty much the same between LED and traditional backlight. Panel technology has a greater impact on black levels than the backlight. VA and IPS panels generally offers better balcks than TN panes.
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