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Will a asus M5A99X EVO motherboard work with a alienware m18x?
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  1. No it won't.Desktop boards don't fit notebooks
  2. So do i have to get a laptop motherboard?
  3. Why do you even want to change it ?
    It's not possible to change your laptop's motherboard
  4. Im building one
  5. You can't build a M18x.You can order and customize it's GPU/CPU/RAM/HDD from Dell
    If you're planing to "build" something,then you have to get a case and put all the components inside it.
  6. Im getting the m18x case and putting the components in myself
  7. Why do you duplicate your posts ?
    You can't buy a laptop and put desktop components inside it.
  8. I don't no Wy it duplicates-probably my fone. so i have to get alienware parts?
  9. Yes
    But like I said,laptops have limited upgrade paths.
  10. Oh thanks
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