Asrock Z68 Extreme4: 20+4 pin ATX power cable/connector

id really appreciate some help

I have this mobo and to date have just been using the 20 pin ATX power cable/connector, the mobo manual does confirm I can use:

20 pin ATX power cable/connector


24 pin ATX power cable/connector

my PSU (Cooler Master GX 750) comes with 20+4 pin ATX power cable so will support both 20 & 24 pin motherboards

the system is running fine with 20 pin but I have since added a 2nd GTX 460 SOC (so now SLI) and Asus Xonar D2X soundcard (PCIe) and read that to ensure all cards get the power they require without stressing the 20 pin I should use the 20+4 pin ATX power cable, is this true - is there anything in what I've read/heard?

really value the Tom's members input so if anyone can confirm which I should use for the smoothest / safest system that would be great

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    If your PSU has the extra 4-pin connector, then why don't you connect it? It isn't an absolute requirement, but it won't hurt.
  2. thanks, Ive gone and attached the extra 4pin, I'll fire up BF3 and see how she goes

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