Anyone ever use USB Flash Drive Tester?

I am trying to figure out if my USB flash drive is bad or not (I am going to use it for a BIOS upgrade), so I downloaded USB Flash Drive Tester v1.14. However, I noticed that I when I start the test, abort it midway, and then eject/re-insert the flash drive, my drive says that it needs to be formatted.

I only have one flash drive, so I was wondering if this is caused by a quirk in the program that is caused when you abort the test, or whether I genuinely have a bad flash drive.

Here is the link to the program:

Would you mind trying it out on a USB drive, aborting the test midway, and let me know if it also says the drive needs to be reformatted? I would much appreciate it!
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  1. Was the drive blank to begin with?
  2. Yes, drive was blank.
  3. Just re-format it then. The testing program probably writes data to the drive, so the drive won't be formatted any longer.
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