What is the best $100 Z68 motherboard?

What's the best $100 Z68 mobo on newegg? Probably one with UEFI and good OC capabilities.
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  1. $100 is scraping the bottom of the barrel for Z68. If you want good overclock and don't mind paying $125, go with the ASRock Extreme3 Gen3
    It's the best board at the bottom end of the price range.

    If you've got to stick closer to $100 then maybe the ASRock Z68 Pro3

    I don't necessarily prefer ASRock over ASUS, MSI, or Gigabyte in general, but in this price range those are what I would choose.
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    If you're not willing to go over $100 then for $99.99 the BIOSTAR TZ68A+.
  3. Go with the ASRock Extreme3 Gen3: [...] 6813157271
    or the Gigabyte z68AP-D3(I own this MB and it's getting the job done with some pretty good OC headroom):
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