Can I run Black Ops or Fallout New Vegas?

I have a Late 08 MBP Unibody, parents opted to spend more on a laptop than let me build my own, and run Windows 7 in Bootcamp.

2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (6MB cache, 1.07GHz Bus)
Display is 1440 x 900
and the standard integrated Nvidia 9400 graphics (256MB VRAM) and 9600M GT (512MB VRAM)
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  1. You should be able to run them, but you'd have to set the graphics quality to low or medium.
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    It should run them, but you'll wnt to get the 9600, run at medium quality, and get a laptop cooler, and the 9xxxM chips are notoriousky hot.
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  4. awesome. thank you for the heads up.
    believe me though, I definitely know about the 9600 and heat. I worry about my machine sometimes, cause it can run excessively hot, especially when playing (any/all) games
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