Gamecube to PC monitor (ati theater 550)

Hello, I am wanting to connect my gamecube to my computer monitor. I do not have a TV and my PC monitor is large and looks great. I am thinking a cheap ati theater 550 card off ebay would allow me to use the s-video in, but what about the sound?

I know about the VGA boxes that can be purchased, but the reviews I read on those, people have been disappointed with the video quality.
a $20 TV card from ebay seems like it would be a wise investment, If I knew how to actually connect the cube to the PC, and what software or converters I would need.

Anyone with experience on this?

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  1. I really couldn't say for sure, but I would like to know the specification of your computer to be able to let you know what would be the best and cheapest buy for you which would work :)
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