I5 vs. i3 need help??

lately i have been looking into getting a laptop for school work and for helping my friend
design models for a small game design business we have began. i am having trouble
deciding which CPU i need i am going to be using model systems on it and my budget is
around 650$ which is why it is between the i5 and i3. i have looked into 2 specific computer
that i like but i am not sure what CPU is should get for my uses. the modeling programs
should not require to much processing power.

the programs are :
solid works
fps creator
realm crafter

please help im a total noob when it comes to hardware :hello:
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  1. A desktop isn't good?
  2. i need it at school for school i thought about a desktop but a laptop works better
  3. i5 is a HT dual core so it acts as a quad core i3 is a straight up dual core.

    If you can afford the i5 go for it you might also want a laptop with some sort of dedicated GPU.
    If you can push your budget a bit this would be a great laptop with plenty of power to do what you need it to. It also has Nvidia optimus which will give it great battery life but will still have the power to run 3d applications.
  4. thanks
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