Gaming pc for 400-500$

I need a new gaming pc, I only need the desktop since I have everything else and would like to run most games near the highest settings. Thanks

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming

Approximate Purchase Date:
Within a month

Budget Range: 400-500$

Parts Not Required:
keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Any,, etc

Country of Origin: Canada

Parts Preferences:

Overclocking: If needed

SLI or Crossfire: No, maybe in a few years.

Monitor Resolution:
samsung 2233

Additional Comments: I am willing to wait for any possible sales. I would like to be able to play most games on near highest settings.
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  1. the major sales are right now :)

    without looking TOO hard at it, and with prices a little higher in canada, I'd suggest this:

    Athlon II X3 445 or 450
    AS Rock 770 motherboard
    4 GB of G.Skill or Mushkin RAM DDR3-1333
    500 GB HDD
    GTX 460 768 MB model
    500-550W 80+ or better psu
    $40-60 case of your choice
  2. $470AR
  3. Best answer
    Are you really for some loony skimping? These specs by the way are what's needed to play on medium/high settings.

    Rosewill ATX case $39.99 Free shipping
    Phenom x4 925 + BIOSTAR A770E3 - $159.99, $149.99AR
    Corsair XMS 2x2gb ddr3-1333 ram & Palit GTX 460 - $219.98 $174.98AR
    Antec Basiq 500u - $19.99. Should buy a $5 item to get super saver shipping.
    LG 16x DVD burner - $14.80
    Spinpoint f3 500gb - $45.50
    Total $500.25 $445.25AR. Remember to price match to save money on shipping. I'm not in a competition, so I won't go under $500 for no reason.

    - Case makes me meh, just picked a fair quality one that could be had for $40 including shipping. Maybe you can find something better, this isn't bad though.
    - Phenom x4, despite the low clock speed, is ridiculous for a $500 computer. More then enough power for any game.
    - Mobo has pretty lame overclocking abilities and uses a solid/electrolytic capacitor mix. But it has four ram slots, a $40AR price tag, and a $25 combo, and a 3/2 year warranty, so I'll take it! How much would you be overclocking anyways?
    - The palit/ram is by far the best value you can get for the price. It's worth noting palit had an issue for a long time with their fan being too loud, which was appearantly made a lot better by a bios update, although it is still a relatively noisy card.
    - The power supply isn't great, but its got a three year warranty, ok power efficiency (80-83%) despite the lack of 80plus certification, voltage regulation well within specs, active PFC (rare below $40). Really, this is worth more then twice it's price.
    - DVD burner is a nice price.
    - HDD is cheap, well performing, and a good brand. Seagates can also be found for a few bucks cheaper, but the 7200.11 fiasco makes me avoid them.

    @Batuchka - This isn't a US build buddy.
    @Screwy - Mushkin isn't a great brand for canadians - they charge for shipping across the border if you need to RMA.
    @OP - you probably aren't going to improve on the core of this build too much, but you might be able to shave off some bucks on the case, or the HDD if you aren't too particular.
  4. Three deals since last night:

    Antec 300 - $40, no free shipping Significantly better case. Try not to let your shipping costs get out of control though, might need to switch around parts to get them all from one store. You can save $10-15 shipping by doing an instore pickup somewhere if you go this route.

    Hard drive - Barracuda 7200.12. I discovered it's really hard to actually find a store that sells you spinpoints without charging a bundle for shipping. $38.50 from is probably a better option being over $10 cheaper once you factor in shipping, despite their somewhat worse performance/reputation.

    20x rebranded lite-on DVD drive - $6.96 - If you don't have an IDE cable lying around (salvage from a broken computer?), or whatever the cheapest way to get an IDE cable is for you. Due to the lack of availability for the drive, walking into a source is probably your only option. You earn $5-$8 for your efforts (make sure it's in stock at your local store).
  5. Thanks every1 and especially u deltadevil
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  7. Although you may have already left - Thought I should clarify what I mean by "price matching to save on shipping". You should be buying from Amazon, Newegg, and one other store that price matches like Buying from one place will reduce shipping fees. Choosing a local store that price matches will allow you to pick up your order from them, and save any shipping fees as well.
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