P67 + 2500k; disabled Intel virtualization technology PC wont REBOOT

Hi, I just disabled Intel virtualization technology in my p67 bios, thinking it was disabling hyperthreading, and no my pc wont load windows anymore. I'm prompted, windows7, to either launch the windows fix or launch windows normally. There is a 30 seconds timer, but I if I dont make a choice within 2-4 seconds the screen freezes. If I Choose, open normally it just keeps looping and restarting the pc by itself. If I choose do the fix the files (recommended) the installation bar freezes and doesnt get past 10%. Keep in mind this is with virtualization technology renabled. I appreciate any help you guys can give me.
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  1. Have you cleared cmos and rebooted back into bios and set it for default settings?
  2. What version of Win 7? Just curious. The action you describe I would not expect to cause that result.

    You have no hyperthreading on an i5 2500K you know ;)

    You might need to run a repair from the disk.
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