Antec p183 and xfx black edition 750w

was planning to buy those but just found out the fan of xfx is pointing upwards. p183's compartment design makes the cooling difficult in the lower compartment....

so which psu to buy or is it ok to stick with xfx 750w black edition?

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  1. The XFX 750 is very good. You can turn around any PSU. You should put it with the fan down like you see in here:
  2. Why don't you get an Antec CP850 a psu designed for that case.
    One of the quietest psu's known to exist.
  3. The P183 will let you put the fan facing which ever way you want so its not an issue, you can face the fan down so it draws air from outside. The CP850 davcon linked to is also very good, the P183 is one of the few cases it works with, and the larger form factor lets it run cooler, quieter, and be cheaper.
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