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No display please help

I had a third computer sitting around in a old case that i haven't used in about 7 months. So i took a extra new case i had sitting around and moved all of the stuff to the new case. I was hoping to turn this computer into a media server. I got everything hooked up and when i went to power it up and the computer seems to powerup i get the single beep and the power led and hdd leds light up. but nothing shows up on the monitor. The monitor is acting as if it is in standby mode.

Here is everything that i have done.
I have taken the graphics card out and used the on-board display.
I have tried both outputs on the card both dvi and analog.
I have taken all extra hardware off of the computer.
I have taken the battery out for a few minutes with it unplugged.
I have switched monitors.
I have tried new battery.
I have tired a different HD.
I have tried one by one taking out the memory and testing them with only one at a time in.
And still nothing.

Here are my specs.
It is a Open MX4GE Motherboard
Pentium 4 processor not sure the Ghz.
Maxtech 200gb hd.
Ati Radeon X1300 Pro AGP 256M
2 512mb DDR ram 266Mhz
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    Had a rummage on the net and came across the manual here: -

    All i could think of atm is: -

    1. Resetting the CMOS
    2. Some m/b's will refuse to boot up unless a fan is attached to the headers.
    3. There's something about a resettable fuse on the top-right corner?

    Otherwise, i think you've tried everything else and just, well SOL.

  2. I see it but i dont see how to reset the fuse.
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