Netgear dg834gt restarting every 5 seconds

Hi. After spending a few hours searching the web for a solution to my router problem, I couldn't find anything that helped.

Last night me and my two bros were playing age of empires 3 over LAN. During a game we all got disconnected from the router. 2 of us are hard wired in and the other is wireless. We were unable to connect to the internet or each other so we decided to unplk the router for a min to see if it fixed the problem.

However, when we turned the router back on we couldn't connect and we noticed the router appeared to be restarting itself every 5 seconds. The lights on the front come on, the ready light goes Orange, then all lights go off and the process repeats. Windows 7 says the wire is unplugged, which it isn't, and then it tries 'identify' but then says disconnected and the process repeats.

is our router dead?

even the little reset button doesn't seem to fix the problem.
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  1. Sounds like a power supply problem -- either adapter cube or on the router itself, perhaps a capacitor failure.

    See if you can swap the power cube or put a meter on the low voltage plug and see what it's producing (should be 12volts or a little over).

    Your DG834GT is probably oldish by now (we've had ours about 5 years without incident) and unless you have some electrical know-how you may be in for a new router.
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