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Hello,I been planning to upgrade this dell computer with a new graphics card because the onboard one sucks. (intel gmax4500hd) And i want to put around a gtx460 or an old 9600gt but the power supply is only 300w. I Asked the dell guys about this problem to see if i could upgrade the psu. Unfortunately they said it is possible that the mobo could short out or fry. But i heard that this is untrue. If so would it be okay to upgrade to a 500w corsair atx. Computer specs are: Intel core i3 3.08ghz
DDR3 RAM 4gb
1000tb hdd
Windows 7 Home Premium
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  1. If i'm not mistaken Dell uses proprietary psu's. If you just stick another psu from your local computer store it will more than likely go "pffft" and fry. What Dell does is switch some pins on the 24pin connector that don't match the normal 24pin connectors - so it's not going to work very smoothly.

    You can make it work if you figure out the right pins and switch them around, but it's probably best not to. I would probably try it, but with a board i wouldn't care if i fried lol x)
  2. Worst case scenario: Machine goes poof!

    Best case, Machine goes Poof and you successfully RMA ;)

    I've never heard of them having proprietary PSU's, but yes its definitely possible.
  3. lol, i know Dell uses proprietary - i've had to mess with them myself as well as some of my professors. They were very famous for doing this in their older systems - i'm just not sure about the newer ones - i hardly work with Hells - i mean Dells - anymore lol.
  4. K im seeing some iffy answers but which is the truth? I can put a corsair 550w or i cannot? Just double checking before i go spend $300 on the psu and hd 5770 before blowing the mobo
  5. And seeing that they dont use proprietary psu anymore. Am i safe? If they still do use them, how can i check to see if the pins are correct or not?
  6. "if it ain't broke then don't fix it. please read details of BIOS updates before you flash..." What do you mean by that?
  7. oh nvm is that like your motto?
  8. Thanks guys so much. I really appreciate it. Been having a bad day with those guys.
  9. Ha, i only wish, but thanks. Cya guys later. Maybe ill have another question. :)
  10. Hey malmental, whats the dual mode with 6gb set-up?
  11. Aight sweet, now for a new question. So the games im planning to play are like oblivion, crysis, nfsmw, bfbc2, metro 2033 etc. Now if i want to play them 30fps+ which card should i go with? Hd5770 or gtx 460. Like obviously 460 is better but if its not that much of a difference i dont want to spend that extra money.

    BTW monitor res i will be playing at is 1680x1050. (its my max res)
  12. Actually, which card is better for dx10? HD 5770 or GTS 450
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