HELP! Need new motherboard!

This is the current motherboard I have, I am looking to change it to something else that will support at least a quad core processor ! thanks!
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  1. Do you have the processor or do you want us to help you find one of those that are compatible with the suggested boards? And a budget that you would like to spend will be helpful.

    How about a GIGABYTE GA-P45T-ES3G LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard for $75.29? And you will want a processor to go with it??? Here's a NEW Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66GHz LGA775 4MB OEM CPU for only $140

    And the motherboard takes DDr3 memory. Do you need that too or do you already have some?
  2. That looks good, but will it fit my casing?
  3. No, now that I see what you want to do with it. The motherboard I suggested is an ATX while your case and motherboard are the BTX design, You can get a BTX motherboard with the LGA 775 socket (yours is already a LGA775 but it only supports the core 2 duo so make sure you look at the cpu support page before looking too hard at the new board), for it and see if that will fit but I think you'll find that company made computers with their own branded motherboard are hard to retrofit. Sometimes it even takes some case modification(s). If you want to go with my suggestions you will need a new case also I guess. Do a search for BTX motherboards and see if you like anything, again, check for cpu compatibility. I didn't see anything I would recommend but you might find something you like, If you do post it back here and we'll take a look at it and tell you what we think. No guarantees it will fit but it should or come real close.

    I did find this one - D975x S775 1066Fsb Ddr2 Btx 4000812. Can't say I'm recommending it but it does support the core 2 quad processors. But again, you will need a pci-e graphics card and the memory is only DDR2 667 but you probably already have that with your current board right? Yours supports DDR2 up to 800 so this one is a little less. So if you're really on a tight budget and just need the least expensive of upgrades this might do the trick. We'll find you a video card to go with it also.

    So with this board at ~$45 and the cpu for $140 and a Graphics card for $55 - THIS ONE - 1G 128bit 800MHz GeForce GT220 DDR3 PCI-E Graphics Card we come to a total of $240. What 'cha think? Or if you really want to cheap-out on the video card THIS ONE is $20 - MSI ATI Radeon X550 256 MB DDR2 SDRAM PCI Express x16 Graphics Card TD256E - But yikes - What are we upgrading too??? But money is the backbone so we do what we can right?

    So which way would you like to go? Then we'll look harder in your direction.

    How much you looking to spend all together? If you have a dollar amount in mind I'll/we'll see if we can get you what you want and fit it in your price range. Get you a proper upgraded build. Do you already have a pci-e graphics card? There are no built in graphics on the board and if you have an AGP card it won't work on the new one. And again, memory? Do you already have DDR3?
  4. Sorry for the late reply, I am already have a 3.5gb of DDR2 RAM in my system and my current video card is
    My budget is does not really matter just nothing ridiculously expensive, for now I am just looking for a motherboard for around 80$
  5. So the $45 motherboard and cpu I already pointed you to is all you need? Or just the board and you can get the processor later. If you're going to look further for motherboards don't forget - it's a BTX board you want.
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