What is average temps of i5 760

Hi does anyone know wat average temps are of the i5 760 with liquid cooler 120mm.
i ran prime 95 for 1 hour didnt get over 56 c... no overclock besides my gtx 460 is oc form factory..
i think thats high for none overclocked with liquid cooling 1st time i had LQcooling.. So i would like to know.. maybe the person who built this did something wrong using
CoolerMaster HAF 912 Mid-Tower Gaming Case
Asetek 510LC Liquid Cooling System 120MM Radiator & Fan
i5 760
8 gigs of ddr 3 1600mhz ram
ga-p55a-ud3 mobo
gtx 460 1 gig superclocked
750 watt xultra powersupply
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  1. Well mine is overclocked to 3.8ghz and it reaches around 55c under full load (Air cooling).
  2. oh man i wonder what is wrong then!
  3. All depends on your liquid cooler you have some can't even beat good air coolers, but #1 reason for high temps are usually due to improper installation mainly too much thermal compound I would suggest resetting the heat sink with a very very tiny bit of thermal compound, #2 reason improper air flow in your case.
  4. All depend upon ambient temp.High ambient temp equals high hardware temp.
  5. i5-760 @ 3300MHZ (150x22.0). With Scythe Mugen 2 air cooler, fan locked at 50%: 60°C on Prime95 large FFT's.
  6. I5-750 @ 3.2
    Idle mid 30's Prime 95 Blend Mid 50's (Rm temp around 68 F)
    Zalman 9700 HSF, Expensive, not one of the better ones, But I like it.
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