Hello concerning asus dram led lit

If I have an board and the dram led is solid red, does this mean there is an issue with the memory? if so, can you guys provide help and steps please?
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  1. What is the Make and Model of the Mobo, RAM and Proc?
  2. alyoshka said:
    What is the Make and Model of the Mobo, RAM and Proc?

    it is an sabertooh x58, :D. I changed the locations of the memory OCZ 6gb x2gb sticks. when I turned it all back on the dram light, (after changing locations of memory), shut off, then I heard three beeping sounds, followed by the boot_LED lighting up, then shutting off and then more beeping then it stopped.

    After this the VGA_led turned on and solid red >_>.

    So if specific slots worked for the memory, and i got all 6 in and no more red light is it ok? are the other memory slots useless?

    my issue is the vga led now..
  3. welll something changed I connected a pci express 6 pin to the ati readeon 5770 was I supposed to? Now when I turn on the pc it boots the vga led turns on, then it turns off, after which a beep comes on when the Boot_led turns on, followed by beeps after the Boot led turns off. Green led, stand by power led is on of course.
  4. Ok fixed that problem...
  5. So finally ..... :) what is the problem that we're left with?
  6. none it is all fixed, been since the day before yesterday... see, sort of forgot to put the pci express 6 pin adapter from the psu into my card. I could have used the one in box also. then it booted like normal, I pressed mem ok also just in case... everything is fine now. Booted installed windows 7, set everything up :D.
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