Need to clear System PW on Intel D915 Motherboard

I have a 2004 Gateway E6300 with an Intel D915GSE2 MB with an Intel bios SE91510J.15A.1778.2004.1012.1001 . I do not have the system password and want to clear the system password. I removed the CMOS battery and all cables for 8 hours and the date/time reset back to 2004 but the system password did not. I read somewhere there is CMOS clear setting on some of the D915 boards near the CMOS battery but cannot find one on this board. Three calls to Gateway and one call to Intel have been without any help since this is such an old board. I have looked for crackers and for master passwords for the Intel MB but nothing has worked for me after three days of research. Any ideas?
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  1. Problem resolved. After pulling out the ribbon cables I could see better and did find that the Intel D915 mother board did have a bios configuration block and jumper. I changed it from 1-2 to 2-3 and booted the PC. This time when I went into the bios setup with the F2 it allowed me to get to the maintenance screen which had an option of 'Clear Passwords'.
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