Buy now, or wait for the Radeon 6000 series

Hey everybody, I have a quick question regarding the release of AMD's new 6000 series videocards.

I'm investing into a brand new computer. i've been working off my 3 year old HP notebook for the last 14 months or so, and i'm ready to build a new desktop.

I've been buying parts for about a month now, and I have everything I need besides a GPU.

I was looking at getting the Radeon 5850, but with the release of the 6000 series just around the corner, is it worth it to wait?
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  1. what res are you
    running at
  2. My main monitor is 1920x1280. I guess I should also mention that I am a gamer and graphic artist, so getting the best video card performance for my dollar is important.
  3. Wait. New cards are coming in just mere 2 weeks. They will have better power consumption, better performance, and most importantly, these new GPU's will lower the prices of the current gen GPU, ie 5850.
  4. You probably won't see any 6000 series cards until November, if you can wait that long.
  5. it's usual that when ATI announces new graphic card line, there's always a wait of a few months before even single card on the shelf + the supply always fall short of demand. so if they announce in next 2 weeks I won't expect a constant supply till Q2 2011
  6. I would plan more on buying a high-end 5xxx series card when the 6xxx series comes out. the price of current 5xxx series cards is already being driven down by Nvidia's new options and will only get lower when the 6xxx series comes out.
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