Best gpu for gigabyte ma780g-ud3h motherboard

hey looking to upgrade my gpu, wondering whats the best for 2d gaming i can get, without having to upgrade the motherboard, ram, etc. cheers
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  1. Any PCI-E card you want. There's no restrictions based on your board.

    2D gaming does not require any special card though. Did you mean 3D?

    What monitor resolution?
  2. running screen res at 1920x1080, just not interested in 3d gaming atm, don't want to pay extra for a feature i probably wont use, currently have a 4870 1gig, battlefield 3 is pushing its limits a bit i think. thanks for the reply.
  3. BF3 is a 3D game. You are confused. 2d gaming looks like this

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    You can have any card you want, as long as your PSU and budget will cover it.
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