Best card for the celeron E3300 ?

Hi guys
im currently running a celeron E3300,2gb of pc2-6400 ram and a XFX GTS250.... however as you can imagine the celeron E3300 allthough a ok cpu isnt getting the best out of my XFX GTS250
some people have recommended overclocking the E3300 however how safe is this ? .... as this is my main pc i dont want to screw it up and be left using my previous pentium D pc and its x1950pro graphics card
i allways beleive a balanced pc is a better pc and at the moment my pc is a bit on-sided...(with the GTS250 leaning heavy to the right ) so what would you recommend i do ?
1) buy a more suited card for the E3300 such as the "Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5670 512MB GDDR5"( )
2) upgrade my cpu to something like this : " Intel Pentium E5700 3.0GHz"( )
or what about the "Intel Pentium Dual-Core E6500"( ) for just £59........ how is this cpu compared to the E3300 ?
basically guys in these tough times i have a budget of £120 .... what can i do ?
any advice will be much appreciated
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  1. Well don't get that 5670, it's worse than your GTS250. You can't run beyond the E5s. That E5700 or if you can find the E5800 is going to be the best you can go without more of an overhall. It would be a good upgrade if you plan to run that system for awhile longer. You could also add some RAM.
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