Any Acer knowledgeable folks out there?

My Aspire just gave up the ghost, can I take the nVidia card out and stick it into my secondary laptop, my Extensa 5420-5038?

I tried switching the HDDs already to no avail. I did not see a slot to stick my video card, but it might be elsewhere. (My card is just sitting next me with no where to go, help it find a new home!)
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  1. I am assuming you are referring to an Aspire desktop PC.

    Generally speaking only a select few laptops have video cards that can be upgraded. These laptops generally costs at least $1,800 - $2,000 to start. Additionally, they use specialized modular video cards, not desktop video cards and they can be rather expensive. I figure something like a Mobility HD 5650 costs about $200 if you can find one.
  2. Oh no, they are both laptops, so it's a laptop GPU. I don't think this GPU would fit a desktop.

    But if I gather correctly, the laptop has to have a separate slot for this GPU, and since the Extensa is not an expensive model, it probably doesn't have a place for this GPU.
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