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Hello all,

For those of you who haven't seen the Maximus III Formula, you can have a glance here: [...] 27281l.jpg

My situation is the following, i recently installed the Titan Fenrir cooler onto this motherboard. My memory modules are fitted into the red slots as can be seen in the picture. The Fenrir, with the fan equipped in a push configuration, is so wide the fan actually pushes over onto the memory module in the slot nearest to the CPU. The module sits in the slot skewed over to the right slightly. Not enough to cause a mass panic in my head, but enough to ask the following. Will moving the affected module onto the black slot furthest from the CPU affect the memory being in dual channel mode? I always assumed that you must fill the same coloured memory slots to achieve that effect, or is it some sort of aesthetic thing?

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  1. Yes, moving one DIMM to a red slot and one to a black slot will affect performance. If you move them, move both to the same color slots. You should be able to still run in dual channel mode if using the black pair and having nothing in the red pair.

    However, if you have in the red pair now and you aren't experiencing any negative impact from the proximity of the fan and the DIMM, I would suggest you leave all of it alone and just drive on.

    Your call. Good luck!
  2. I agree that it will affect performance (negatively).

    I have the same cooler and it blocks my closest RAM slot (the fan is right there). I've been thinking about a smaller CPU cooler (mostly because Titan won't ever get back to me about my fan clips; I need new ones so I can put my fan on without ugly electrical tape).

    How is your case set up? The cooler is actually somewhat adjustable if the chipset heatsinks on your mobo aren't too big.
  3. I was first of all thinking of switching to the Thermaltake Frio as that got a good write up in reviews. Also the wideness is a few mm thinner than the Fenrir as well as having a higher base to first fin clearance which (going by the law of moments) will also reduce the amount at which the ram stick is pushed over. My only concern is if the Frio will fit in my case height wise, its almost a full cm taller than the Fenrir and i'm not sure if the Antec 902 will take that. If anyone has experience with a Frio in an Antec 902 please let me know.

    I was also considering putting the fan in a pull configuration (using cable ties to strap the fan to the cooler). I know this will affect cooling performance.

    My last consideration was to use the Corsair H70 cooler, replacing the back fan with the radiator accompanied by two fans in push-pull config, but again due to the bulkiness of the radiator i'm not sure how the 902 will take this.

    Thanks for your replies so far.
  4. Can you post a pic of the cooler/RAM section? I'd like to know which way the fan and RAM are oriented (since my Raven puts the motherboard on the opposite sides of most cases and is rotated 90 degrees, I've lost all sense of direction in a case).

    You can rotate the brace that holds the cooler on (the backplate is a square, luckily enough) possibly so that the cooler won't hit the RAM and your computer will still cool properly.
  5. Thanks for the reply.

    I did consider rotating the heatsink 90 degrees so the fan blows air upwards through the Big Boy fan at the top of the case, however after a few measurements it seemed that it was about 2cm wider that way round than it currently is, thus making it undo-able.

    Anyway here's the picture you requested, sorry its not in the best light.
  6. Hey, it's the Christmas Edition!

    Yeah, that seems like a conundrum there. If it's pushing the RAM a lot, I don't think it'll be good for your RAM slot, as you may damage the connectors inside (that's just my opinion).

    I actually just bought the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ this morning - My fan clip broke and I can't find new ones anywhere. Titan never got back to me (didn't expect them to). It's only $26 on Amazon with free shipping, and hopefully it won't block my closest memory slot.
  7. Can the fan be mounted in a "pull" config? If so, it would solve your problem. Just a thought....
  8. It wouldn't be as effective, but it could still work. You'd have to turn the whole cooler 180 degrees and then put the fan on the opposite way. It's worth a shot.
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