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Somone suggested to me that I ditch my efforts to get a Sabertooth P67 and instead go for an ASRock board. Im a Asus fanboy so im reluctantly looking at the ASRocks. I found this Fatal1ty thing I like that is Tom's Hardware suggested on Newegg. But I'm curious about that top PCIe 1x slot. I will be running an Asus Xonar sound card and two Asus GTX570's in the expansion slots. I need to know if the Xonar will fit in the top PCIe 1x slot. The heat sink looks like it would block the card but I'm not sure.

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  1. It depends I guess..
    I have the same motherboard and a Sapphire HD6970 in the top PCI-e 2.0 slot, but its placed upside down. So there's not really a problem there.
    You will however have a problem placing the gtx 570 in the lowest PCI-e 2.0 slot, it will block the connections on the low side of the board...
    By the way, the board already has pretty decent sound on it... So i see no need in buying an extra sound card
  2. Thanks but topic is now moot. Going with MSI Big Bang Marshal I think. Had to drop the sound card just to work it into my budget lol.
  3. Good. Unless you have some kind of crazy audio setup, a sound card isn't worth it.
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