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I recently upgraded to the new optus cable plan, 50$ for 120gigs, and the speed has also increased by double, now its 20mbps. only problem is, i have to directly connect to the internet modem to attain these speeds.
But when i plug it in, Windows 7 reports that im connected to Network 2, shouldnt it be directly connected to net.

For example, in network and sharing centre it should be:
Computer -> Internet
but atm its showing
Computer -> Network 2 -> Internet
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  1. No I think what you have is fine / normal.
  2. why do you have to directly connect to the internet modem? I'm not quite sure how they would enforce this when you can clone your PCs MAC address with your router, and a router uses NAT to make all traffic to the internet look like one device.
  3. Windows 7 is seeing your computer connected to the modem as a network. Like Brian_TII said this is totally normal and isn't a problem.

    But like thehelo said, I also would recommend getting a router. They are dirt cheep and can can transfer data at least at 100mbps, if not 1000mps, so will not slow down your internet at all. And they provide a hardware firewall, and ability to share internet with other devices, and let the other devices talk among them self, so your can share printer, pitchers, media ect, with other devices on your network.
  4. It's probably just legal stuff that they say you have to connect directly to the internet since you could potentially use a dodgy router that routes slowly - giving you a speed below what optus stated. You really should put a router between you and the internet for security reasons. They're dirt cheap and you won't notice any difference in speed.
  5. If you had a router in place before the internet upgrade, check it and see what speed the wan input is. If its 10 Mbps then you need to get a router that has a 100Mbps wan link. This will enable the full 20 Mbps speed from the internet. Even then you will rarely see those speeds when downloading as the speed is determined by the server you are downloading from.
    As for your Network 2 question, Win 7 is seeing this new connection as different from the original and thus giving it a different name. I have seen computers with over 30 Network names.
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