Asrock or Asus Z68 motherboards!!

I am little confused about these motherboards which one to buy!?
Earlier on I decided to buy Asrock z68 Extrem4 gen3 but I encounter on some forums and it said that it has many problems,compatibility,bios etc.,Bi-tech has review that is not such a good board then some other review sites gave it recommendation so I started to think about Asrock z68 Extrem4 that has recommendation here on Tomshardware.
Asus P8Z68-v pro also allegedly have issues!!
So Asrock z68 Extrem4 gen3 is it much better than Asrock z68 Extrem4 or Asus P8Z68-v pro. Does anyone know something more about issues regarding these boards.
Which board should choose???
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  1. I'll leave it to others to venture an opinion. But Asrock was/is a spinoff of Asus, anyway. It was originally destined to produce OEM boards for computer manufacturers. But Asrock has apparently come into its own in the last few years. Personally, I have never had a bad Asus board.
  2. For me is important that the board performance well and that it does not have to many issues,as for the company concern it is to close to call!
  3. Does anyone has Asus P8Z68-V Pro GEN3? How this board performs, is it better choice then Asrock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3??
  4. Personally i prefer Asus. AsRock as mention is just a sister concern of Asus. Just look at the features. Which one has better options.
  5. Yeah ok!! options or features but for me is most important which board between these two ASUS P8Z68V-Pro/Gen3 and AsrockZ68 Extreme4 Gen3 has overall better performance and efficiency and also which board has less problems on setup and installation,drivers, etc.??????
  6. Have you been to the boards' websites to evaluate the differences for yourself?
    Asrock Board:
    Asus Board:
  7. Actually both boards are gen3.Yeah i saw differences on their webpages but that is only features,can tell from that what to take. It seems to me that both are great so I would like someone to give me an advice to choose between two in terms of performance and also problems and issues with these boards,maybe someone who had some experience with these two!
    I have 2500K and kingston 1600Mhz T1 8Gb/Gx maybe this would help a little!
  8. Fwiw, Got a p8z68-v pro gen3 and it died in 3 hours. Newegg is currently out of stock so I am SOL. I think they are out of stock for a reason because they do not have many reviews, except for the people who actually got a working board.
  9. Or it could be because of the high demand of Asus boards. Its hard luck that your mobo died. What happened?
  10. It seems that these Z68 gen3 boards have lots of problems!! Regarding PCI-Express 3.0 on these boards is it worth going for that now if you are going to update your rig!Because wee can see that all this gen 3 stuff looks rather unstable at the moment with many people reporting issues???
    So Im thinking going Asrock extreme 4 tomshardware recommendation!!
    What do you think???
  11. I would go with Asus.. Excellent company
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