Crossfire 4870

Im planning on buying a whole new rig,
750w corsair
i7 950
asus mobo that supports dual 16x at once
2gb x 3
and two 4870 cards

Im wondering if i buy two of those cards with a mother board that supports both at 16x if i should be looking for excellent performance? Or should I get a card more powerful? Anyways the reason I ask this is because on the hierarchy chart the 4870 x2 is number two on the ati side, and i figure that two 4870 both at 16x should be possibly better?
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  1. in place of crossfire buy one more powerful card
    5870 will be just slightly less powerful 480GTx will be slightly more
  2. * So one 5870 should do better than dual 4870 with both at 16x?
  3. no it will be slightly less powerful
    if you have a good deal on the 4870's and they will be 1GB each
    and don't mind missing out on DX11
    then 4870's crossfire is awesome as far as frame rates go
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