AMD Gaming Build? Help!

It's been about 5 or 6 years since I last built a computer and well my computer is pretty out of date. I'm looking at building a new computer for gaming purposes. The lingo has changed since I last was into building computers and I seem to be far outside of the loop when looking at current CPUs and MOBOs I've always been a fan of AMD builds and thinking I want to start the build with the

"AMD Phenom II x4 965" (please feel free to give me opinions on the CPU)

So if yall could show me a build with a budget of $1000-1200 that could keep up with games for the next couple years that be awesome.
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  1. Hi and welcome

    I dont know if you know it, but the ATI hd 69xx series are ment to come out soon this month.

    And also the new sand bridge will come out in the Q1 next year.

    So if you want to wait for those you can. But if you can't wait then first tell me if you need an OS and monitor or tell me what you already have, that will help me to choose better parts to fit your budget.

    And yes the AMD phenom ii x4 955 is the way to, no need for the 965 as you can overclock the 955 to match the speed of 965.
  2. Hey thanks for the welcome Dave0305!

    It'd be nice to wait it out but my computer is starting to die on me now and I just kinda want to get started on the new one as soon as possible.

    I've been using a *cough*pirated*cough* version of windows XP so I guess I should invest in an OS. I've got a monitor that'll be just fine till I decide to upgrade to a bigger one.
  3. +1 to dave's CPU suggestion.

    As a base I would pick the 955 CPU and an 890 chipset motherboard (that's the best one I know of; I have an Intel PC ;)). 4 GB of some good RAM like Kingston, G. Skill, or Patriot will work perfectly for gaming.

    The PSU will depend mostly on the GPU you end up choosing, but the top brands there are Corsair, Seasonic, and Antec. A few companies like XFX use Seasonic as an OEM every now and then.

    Are you going to end up reusing the case?
  4. I forgot to mention I do already have a nice power supply

    and yes I'm probably going to be looking into another case cause the one I have currently might be too small for some of the new parts out there
  5. AMD build option

    MSI 785GM-P45 & Phenom II X4 965 560 ($180 with $20 rebate = $160)
    ...if no MicroCenter near you browse Newegg combo kits...

    4GB DDR3 ($34 after rebate)

    2TB HD ($80)

    Radeon 5770 Video Card ($100) [...] _-14161338

    Blu-ray Burner ($80) [...] -_-Product

    700w Power Supply ($40 after rebate)

    Case - you choose...

    OS - you choose the flavor...

    Thats built i put together..

    The MOBO is capable of crossfire at x8 (which is gurd) and has SATA 6 Gb/s for the future.

    Also the H50 is a decent cooler... with this you can nicely overclock the AMD phenom ii x4 955 somewere close to 3.8 Ghz.

    The case has really good airflow and lots of space.

    Edit: Just seen that you already have a PSU. You can eighter keep it or get the one i put in the built wich can take 2 of the 6870 cards for the future.
    The 600W could be enough for 2 of them but it could be little risky.
  7. I remember Maxtor being one of the top Hard drives back when I starting building computers ... Now everyone seems to be linking Samsung ... is Samsung one of the better named HDDs now?
  8. Paparitz said:
    I remember Maxtor being one of the top Hard drives back when I starting building computers ... Now everyone seems to be linking Samsung ... is Samsung one of the better named HDDs now?

    Yes, for it's price it's the best you can get.....
  9. So wich one did you decide to go for? As the built i put together still leaves you some money left to get another card to go in crossfire.
    But at the same time it has high quality parts like RAM with cas latency 7 (which is really good for overclokicng).
  10. @dave0305 one would need a 750w PSU for 2 x 6870's.

    @sadams04 a 5770 for gaming aint a gud idea even if its in crossfire, better buy a 6870 and have the option to make it even more faster in future by adding another 6870 rather then being stuck with 2 x 5770's.

    @paparitz i will be surprised if u can afford an i7 build and still select an AMD build. If you wana save $$ then it would be correct to go for AMD X4 but its far away from the performance of an i7, u already are gona spend lots of money so y not spend it on the best stuff.
    You can look around in the forum cause many users have posted the same budget range for gaming pc and replies on them will clear my point more.
  11. AMD is the way to go!
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