Any great new tech coming out in the next few months?

I know both AMD and NVIDIA are a month or so away from announcing their next big graphics card offerings, which I am very interestedly awaiting. Are there any other important new advances in home computing (did I read that PCI 3.0 is coming out soon- if so, what is the potential significance of this?) coming out in the next two or so months? I've been waiting for the "next big thing" from AMD and NVIDIA before I begin shopping for parts for a new home system. I don't mind waiting a few months (two or three, maximum) if there is anything significant looming on the tech front. My focus is on a gaming system. Thanks.
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  1. Sandy bridge new CPUs from intel. 1st Q 2011
  2. Intels next generation of processers/motherboards come out in January.

    PCIe3.0 is not confirmed to be coming out until at least Q2 2011, and that's only if we assume AMDs next processer will support it, which is pure speculation. Intels Ivy bridge processers in Q3 2011 will support PCIe3.0 though.

    At the moment - PCIe2.0 8x is still used in crossfire/SLI setups. This is half the bandwidth PCIe2.0 can deliver. By the time the average gamer would actually see substantial benefits from PCIe3.0 bandwidth, their computer would be obsolete. Don't need to worry about this.

    SF-2000 Sata3 SSDs on the performance front, Intel 25nm Sata2 SSDs on the value front.

    Nothing else I can think of. I think buying a computer now is fine, although certain laptop users will see significant benefits by waiting for sandy bridge.
  3. Thanks, folks. At this point, waiting to see what AMD and NVIDIA will be unveiling in December or Q1 for their high-end GPU cards.
  4. Sandy Bridge, Bulldozer/Bobcat, NI & Kepler.

    2011 is going to be pure win.
  5. What is NI and Kepler? My googlefu failed me- didn't find info.
  6. NI = Northern Islands, ATI's anticipated architecture set for release next year.

    Kepler = Nvidia's GPU architecture set for outing mid - late 2011. Its claimed it has 4 x performance/watt ratio over Fermi.
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