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I was looking at cases for a new build, and was wondering if I should get the Cooler Master Storm Scout, or the HAF 922. The graphics card I'm going to use is a nVidia GTX 560, but I'd like to be able to fit something as long as the GTX 580 for future-proofing. Thanks in advance! :)
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  1. The HAF 932 would definitely beat the Scout, right?
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    mugabuga said:
    The HAF 932 would definitely beat the Scout, right?

    Yes both the HAF cases are superior to the Scout.
    They are massive inside and cooling performance is excellent.
    The 932 is an excellent deal just keep in mind it's a full-tower case.
    It's humungous!even the 922 is quite a bit larger then the majority of mid-towers cases.
  3. I know. I just brought out the ruler and measured 22". It's huge.
  4. This is an excellent case and on sale right now.
    Direct competition to the HAF 922 and features filtered fan intakes.
    Something the HAF cases don't have if dust is a concern.
    LIAN LI Lancool PC-K62
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