Need a choice for a GPU to replace my current 9600GT..

I am using a 1920*1080 Display
Currently with XFX 9600GT

With Zebronics 500W PSU -
12v rail gives around 22A

The major usage is for World of Warcraft..

using a 4GB DDR2
AMD Phenom 9950 2.6GHz
Asus M3N-h-Hdmi

9600GT isnt able to give me more than 10fps in actual raids and 50fps at all other times, i am not able to upgrade my PSU till FEB 2011...

Budget is within 200$ a GPU that will be able to use with the current PSU
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  1. I'll suggest a 5770 and a new PSU in the 55-60 dollar range
  2. Yeah.. But the PSU that i have, cant change till FEB 2011.. Can you tell me if the 5770 can work in my current PSU???
  3. Zebronics I wouldn't trust it
  4. Yeah i agree too..
    But rough on budget if i need to change the GPU, cant touch PSU too.. :-(
  5. Lolz.. Guys.. Cut me some slack... i know my PSU is bad come on..!
    The Current PSU has 22A on the 12V rail, i just want to know if there is any GPU better than the 9600GT that will run with the current PSU... Please...!
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