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I am building an HTPC for my new home theater. It is dual use home theater with gaming and all. The TV is a Samsung UN55C8000. I will have a cable box what I want the HTPC to do is be able to access my home network for family movies, pictures and music. I will have a separate blue ray player that is 3D. Also want it to do some gaming already have a Wii and 360 hooked up. PC based gaming would include Word of Warcraft, older Halo titles, some internet games my kids play.
Questions as to what motherboard, cpu and graphics card. As this is not intense gaming (like crysis and the like) could I use a mobo with integrated graphics? I would like to get out for around $400-$700.
Thanks in advance.
This board has been very helpful for my last 3 PC builds.
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  1. Also a comment on the RAM would be appreciated.
  2. If you could provide the info requested in the How to Ask for New Build Advice, it would be most appreciated.

    Budget, TV resolution, date you plan to purchase, and importance of noise (as it's an HTPC) would be very useful info.

    If you can wait until January, Intel is releasing a new line of processors that may have better integrated graphics than the current generation. Current integrated graphics on both AMD and Intel are ok for WoW at low resolution, something like 15-20 fps at 1280x1024 (IIRC, I may be mistaken).

    If you need to buy now and gaming isn't a high priority, I would lean towards an i3/H55 mobo build. 4 GB is more than enough RAM for right now, though a recent Tom's article suggested 8 GB for future-proofing/resistance.
  3. Thanks for the reply I may wait till January then a I would like to keep the costs down.
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