Asus Formula IV: DRAM Red light problem...

Hey guys,

Just finished assembling my new PC. The specs are:


Enermax revolution85+ 1020W PSU


Thermaltake Frio CPU cooler

OCZ DDR3 Gold Low Voltage Dual Channel 4GB - 1600 MHz ( PC3-12800 )( 8-8-8-24 )

ATI Sapphire 5970 4GB

1 CD/DVD Drive

And its all incased in the Antec dark fleet df-85...

My problem is after setting it all up it simply does not boot. Everything is running fine except the Thermaltake frios fans aren't rotating (which I assume is due to there being one problem in the setup) and the memory LEDs on the mobo are glowing RED.
The red light means the DRAM bus voltage is too high but is that enough of a problem as to lock the whole system down?

Just so you guys know the Thermaltake Frio is too big to allow me to place the RAM in the first red slot so im using the second and fourth black slots. Is that a plausible cause for the DRAM red lights showing on the mobo? And if the problem really does lie within the RAM could that explain why the Frio's fans arent working?
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  1. What mobo are we working with ? link it

    Can you get into the BIOs to set your ram VOLTS / TIMMINGS / and SPEED ?

    Do you have the 4 or 8 pin power for your CPU pluged in ? ( it should be above the cpu )

    If the fans is to big you might need to use the stock fan for now to you find out if you need to move the ram to the right spots the mobo manual tells you to.
  2. I'm using the Asus Crosshair IV Formula mobo. And the BIOs cant be accessed at least I am not able to. First thing that came to mind was to try and set the volts, timmings etc. However I might just have to use the stock cooler to place the RAM in the first two slots and see if it helps.
  3. Look in the manual whare to place the ram ( on some mobos like mine the first 2 sticks would go in slot 1 and 3 and if i use 4 stick the other two go in 2 and 4 slot )
  4. It looks like you need your ram in the first and 3rd slots ( that would be the red ones )
  5. Really? Ok mate thank you I will try it out first thing tomorrow morning. Ill update you whatever happens.
  6. Sounds good also make sure you have your fan for the HSF in the right spot ( the fan should still spin tho.
  7. im no tech guy but iv just don my first build with a crosshair iv formula and i had the same problem, after reading around i discovered a list of garunteed compatability for the RAM of which i have bought the giel ddr3 1600-2000 ultra plus. fingers crossed i get it next week
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