Moniter/USB ports not connencting

Hi, i just moved a few days ago and before i put my PC back together i Cleaned out the dust and re-connected my second hard drive beacuse it never connected the first time. When i started up the PC it turns on just fine but the moniter isnt turning active and my keyboard/mouse wont turn on.
I tried un-connecting the power from everything and turning it off, leaving it for a few hours, and reconecting but same result.
What else can i do? I cant get into Bios, and i cant afford to replace the motherboard right now.

ASROCK M3A770DE 770+SB710 RT -- My mother board.

VGA SAPPHIRE|100293L HD5570 1G RT -- Graphics card
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  1. Dieconnect the hard drive.

    Disconnect all USB devices from the PC This includes mouse, keyboard, monitor USB Hub if you have them.

    Try to boot up, let it go as far as it will. Power down.

    Reconnect mouse, keyboard. Try to boot again. If this works, your USB ports may have "locked up".

    Re-Attach HD. If it fails now, the problem is your HD.

    If this doesn't work, open the case and try to find any cable, memory, expansion card, etc that you might have disturbed in your cleaning.
  2. Nope it didnt work. And I unplugged everything and reconnected it all just to make sure everythings connected but still no luck.
  3. So your PC doesn't work with the HD disconnected? Power and data cables disconnected?

    Clear CMOS and see if you can get into BIOS after that. If so, reload defaults, save and go from there.

    If you can't do that, next step is to try a new PSU.
  4. The PC works just fine, its starts up no problem. But the moniter and usb still arnt connecting. Clearing CMOS didnt work before but ill give it another shot tonight when i get home.
  5. No luckm I tried with both HDs, both by themselves, and no hd, still moniter and usb not working
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